Teaching English first year high school

Crash course in English

Here is my plan for teaching English using movies and documentaries for motivation and information, blog, for writing and communicating and checking for understanding, and Skype for follow up. The students will be working individually at home or in small groups. I look forward to working like this and getting to know my new students as well. Here is the plan.

Lesson plan

  1. Rabbit proof fence – movie and lesson plan
  2. A day’s wait – short story and lesson plan
  3. Reading newspapers – Find newspapers from around the world
  4. Teaching literature – Read a novel of your choice  Holes is a good book to read.
  5. Writing formal and informal texts – Lesson plan here
  6. Climate change – a global challenge – before the flood – watch the documentary and lesson plan
  7. Spare parts – movie and lesson plan

Games to play to learn

  1. Literature – Gone Home.
  2. Oral – keep talking
  3. Written  Elegy
  4. Social conditions Spent

After each game played write a reflection on your blog where you share what you learned, how well this game is for learning English and which competency goals you have covered. See list over the goals here.




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