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Book written by students and teacher

Book written by students and teacher

My name is Ann S. Michaelsen, and I’m an administrator at Sandvika vgs, a high school in Norway. Sandvika is a high school with 850 students in the age group 16 to 19. The school is situated close to Oslo the capital of  Norway. Sandvika was a new high school in 2006, and we have since the beginning been a 1:1 school. All our students have laptops the wireless connections are available in the whole building.   I was a member of the 2013 Horizon Norway Advisory Board, 2014 Scandinavian Horizon board, and 2014 Horizon Report Europe Advisory Board. In 2012 I wrote the book “Connected Learners: A Step-by-Step Guide to Creating a Global Classroom” with 27 high school students. I spoke at Bett in London 2014 and was recognized by BBC News Technology and BBC Click. The result was an article on BBC News and a team of reporters from BBC Click and BBC school report visited our school, this was aired on BBC world. I was portrayed in the Italian newspaper Corriere Della Sera in 2014, and project leader for the Norwegian connected educators month. I worked  or the Norwegian exam board making exams suited for the use of the internet during exams in the three English courses offered for High School seniors in Norway. I have written a book for teachers in Norway published by Cappelen Damm in 2015. And Written an article in the book published by Universitetsforlaget aimed at Preservice teachers.

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Conferences and speaking engagements. 


16. the “Fagnetverk Lier kommune, skoleledere.Bett 2016 – representing the most innovative school in Norway at the Scandinavian event and at the Norwegian classroom

22sth Bett 2016 – representing the most innovative school in Norway at the Scandinavian event and at the Norwegian classroom
9th TCEA Austin, Texas. The Global classroom 


22nd London, Bett Learn Live, The Norwegian classroom,
3.-4. , Berlin ISTP, with Norwegian Minister of Education and Union of Education Norway
10.-11. Skolelederkonferansen, Oslo
11.-13. NKUL, Trondheim
28.-29. SETT, Lillestrøm


ISTE Philadelphia, USA
Miami Device – Miami, USA


London, BETT 2014 – 22nd
Oslo, MusTek 2014 – 30.

University of Oslo, ped students 4.
University of Oslo, panel discussion 5.

Barcelona, Microsoft World event 11-14
Oslo, Utdanningsforbundet 26
BBC World, BBC News, BBC Click

Participating at BETT 2014 with students!

Participating at BETT 2014 with students!

Udir, kompetanse for kvalitet 3

Reinventing the classroom 1.
Trondheim, NKUL, 6 – 9

Sydney Australia, Flat Classroom 17-20


South Africa Cape Town 3rd International North South TVET ICT Conference 2014 10.-12


Bett 2013

Iste 2013 San Antonio

Mentions and participation

Member of the PLP advisory board

BBC Technology 


Mindshift – For exams, is Using the Internet considered cheating?

Mindshift – Creating Students’ Survival Guide to the web

2013 Norway advisory board Horizon report

2014 Horizon Report Europe Advisory Board


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