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I appreciate your interest in my blog and I hope you will find some helpful ideas for your teaching. I would love to hear your feedback and suggestions for improvement.

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You can find different types of lesson plans on the top menu. Some of them are linked to specific standards, which are concise descriptions of what students should learn and do at a certain level of education1. These standards help teachers plan and assess their instruction.

Some of the lesson plans are based on movies, which I think are a great way to engage students and explore different topics. You can watch the movies with your students in one or more sessions, depending on your schedule.

AI for teachers

This category covers the latest news and resources on AI for educators. I also share some lesson plans that involve the use of AI tools. For example, you can check out Reading Progress in Microsoft Teams and Microsoft Education provides a range of learning accelerators, if your school uses Microsoft Office for teachers and students.


You can use this feature on the right menu to ask me any questions related to this blog. For instance, if you type “Into the Wild”, you will get some information about the novel and the author. You can also use the search function below to find posts on a specific topic.


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