Reading Progress in Microsoft Teams

Reading Progress is a built-in tool designed to support and track reading fluency in classrooms. It helps struggling readers build confidence, independence, and fluency while saving time for educators1. With Reading Progress, students can record their reading on camera and submit it to their teachers. As teachers mark and return the work, data is automatically collected and organized in Insights, allowing them to spend more time with students and less time analyzing data2. Reading Progress is a free tool built into Microsoft Teams2.

Reading Progress supports over 100 languages and is localized in all the same languages that Teams is supported in1. Educators can also upload documents in over 100 languages1. This makes it a versatile tool that can be used effectively in foreign language classrooms.

In high school language learning,

Reading Progress can be used to improve students’ reading fluency. Students can practice reading passages out loud while recording video and audio. Teachers can create Reading Progress assignments in Microsoft Teams and track student progress over time in the Insights tab3. By using Reading Progress, teachers can gain insights into students’ oral reading errors, such as mispronunciation, omissions, repetitions, insertions, and self-corrections, as well as phonological errors1. This data can be used to identify common mispronounced words and other patterns, enabling more effective adaptive teaching to respond to the class1. Reading Progress provides a valuable tool for language teachers to monitor and support students’ reading development in a digital learning environment.

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