Teaching how to read all the newspapers in the world!

Classroom application

If you want to discuss a recent event with your class, what better way then to read about it in the local news. And if it happens in a country where you don’t know the language you are able to translate! Have your students present news from around the world for the rest of the class.

Newspaper map is a new tool for locating and reading newspapers from locations all around the world. Newspaper Map claims to have geolocated 10,000 newspapers. To find a newspaper you can browse the map then click on a placemark to open the link within to read a newspaper. You can also locate newspapers by using the search boxes to locate a newspaper by title or location. Along with links to the newspapers, Newspapers Map provides links to translate the newspapers you find on the map.

Lesson plan:

  1. Choose 2 different countries in 2 different parts of the world, example USA, Australia or the Uk
  2. Use Newspaper map to read newspapers from this country and pick the news you would like to learn more about. Be sure to pick something that is relevant today. Other good sources are: BBC news, CNN, NBC, The Independent,
  3. Remember to reveal sources.

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