How do we shift teaching and learning pedagogy to a 1:1 computing environment?

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Lately via Twitter I found this challenge: Classroom 2.o by Rick Kiker. Clearly we all see the value in 1:1.  There have been some great comments about shifting pedagogy and the needed components. Please share your ideas and success for moving in this direction.

Our school has been a 1:1 school going on 5 years now. Here are some of the guidlines we are trying to follow.

  1. The teachers have to be technologically competent and need to know about different websites that can be used in learning
  2. When introducing new software in school most teachers need workshops on how to use it
  3. The school leaders need to know how to use technology and be in front
  4. School leaders and teachers should all participate in the discussions online, read RSS feeds, have twitter accounts  and constantly update their computer skills
  5. The school needs a list of  “need to know about /required skills”. These skills should apply to school leaders, teachers and students. Professional development has to be on the agenda all the time. Examples of these are how to share files and folders, Dropbox, Skydrive, how to write shared notes, Ethterpad and OneNote.
  6. Students need to be involved in the process and learn about the different ways to work with technology. Contrary to popular belief many students will choose the “easy way out” if they are not engaged and see the purpose of working with technology. Checking your Facebook account during class is not working with technology!
  7. Teachers have to teach students how to use ICT to learn. Students are skilled ICT users, but need to learn how to connect the dots between social use and using ICT to learn in a school context.
  8. There has to be a shift from teacher instructions to student activity, student engagement and student ownership. The shift between the teacher having all the answers to the students asking the  right questions, assuming the role of the researcher
  9. Teachers need to change how the students work with the material, instead of answering questions in a text book answers might be found online in real conversations with students in other countries. Computers should be used as tools, to enhance learning through the use of real world data to solve problems. To incorporate multiple technology-based resource in rich learning activities.

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