The digital native – an active learner

Are all students digital natives and active learners?

On my daily Scoop it journey I found this video on “A principal’s relfections: voice of the active learner, Principal Eric Sheninger.

This  2.18 minute video is the voice of a student ready to start school next week. She describes a world that might seem to be very different from the one most teachers know. This is how many of our students spend their time. They seek information, listen to music and videos, talk to people online all the time. Our job as educators is to keep up with this. You might disagree with me, but we need to change the way we work with students and learning. Because I strongly believe that many students need help to master technology this way. I do not agree that they are all digital natives and I know they still have a lot to learn. But the same goes for the teachers. In order to be a teacher in a connected digital world, we need to accept that we are learners too. We need to change how we teach and what we expect our students to accomplish. We need to change the way we measure students’ mastery and how content is delivered. Technology is useful when we know how to use it. Let the students ask the questions and find the answers. We need to make learning relevant and meaningful!

And up to date!

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