The Great American Tune Out: Interest in Midterm Elections Drops

midtermWhat if a nation held an election, and most of the country didn’t care or participate? That’s the stark reality from our newest national NBC/WSJ poll, which shows that many voters are tuning out the elections that take place less than three weeks from now. According to the poll, high interest in the midterms has dropped from June (when it was 51%) to now (50%) — when interest in previous election cycles has always increased in the months leading up to Election Day. Let it sink in: INTEREST IN THE ELECTION ACTUALLY DROPPED as the midterms drew closer. It’s truly a stunning trend. Source: NBC News

Preparing for the Midterm Elections

Pre study activity:

  1. Read the article the Great American Tune Out.
  2. Read Midterm Congressional elections explained: Why the president’s party typically loses
  3. Job Description of a US Senator   
  4. Job Description of a Congressman
  5. Job Description of a Governor

Videos to watch:

In-depth look at the midterm elections
Minumum wage
Watch the first
1.30 minute of the CNN Student news


  1. electionIn groups of 3 make a Kahoot for your class. One on the Senator’s role, one on the Congressman’s role, on the Governor’s role and one on the midterm elections in general.
  2. Cover this competence aim: Using information based on numbers and statistics to communicate about social issues. Use the statistics found here and make a 1 minute presentation based on the numbers found. Use any of the examples.
  3. Find a senator candidate you think you could vote for and write about him/her on your blog! Title: why I would support…..Find out what they write on twitter using this list.

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