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Join us the 15th and 16th of January for a workshop for school leaders at Sandvika high school in Oslo Norway. The workshop will be lead by George Couros from Canada. George Couros is currently Division Principal of Innovative Teaching and Learning with Parkland School Division located in Stony Plain, Alberta, Canada.George is also the creator of the “Connected Principals” site because he knew that we can learn so much from a strong team of educators with different backgrounds, as opposed to the view of only one.  It is imperative that as educators, we are learners first.


globusThe Networked Leader (Keynote and /or Workshop)
Description:  The role of school/district administrator is essential to what happens in the classroom, yet we often are unaware of some of the amazing opportunities that social media is not only providing our students and teachers, but ourselves as well.  As school administrators, we need to be the “Learning Leader” for our organization and social media gives us the opportunity to connect, openly learn, and humanize our organization.  When we learn together first, only then can we effectively lead our schools to continuous improvement.

Leading Innovative Change (Keynote and /or Workshop)

Description:  Change is happening at an exponential pace and the one constant will always be change.  As this happens, administrators need to look at this as an opportunity to build a stronger culture within our schools that can create better learning environments for students.  In this work, we will look at some things that will help not only help create an innovative culture within schools, but help learners find their purpose and passion in school.

Guiding question:

How do we move from “pockets of innovation” to “a culture of innovation”? What you should expect from these two days:

  1. A deep understanding of, and opportunities to create your digital footprint through social media tools such as blogging and Twitter.

  2. Ideas and concrete examples of how to do lead innovative change in our school district.

Who should come:

  1. People in current leadership positions that are looking to be innovative leaders.

  2. People that are aspiring to become innovative leaders.

This is not limited to “administrators”.  This is focused on leadership at all levels within schools/organizations.

More detailed plan for the two days here

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