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Try to work on the most common mistakes students in Noway do in English. is a great website to learn more grammar. I have listed some of the common mistakes in English here:

Activities for students:
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  1. Too vs two vs to, rules and  exercises,
  2. both … and, neither … nor, either … or, rules and exercises.
  3. Confusing words – do confusing words quiz 1 and confusing words quiz advanced
  4. 3rd person singular – see examples here. Correcting errors in subject verb agreement – read about it here. Identifying subjects and verbs;  read here. Do exercise here. And exercise in making verbs agree with their subjects here. Do this quiz too. Quiz two!

  Other websites to explore

  1. Word order 
  2. Sentence structure
  3. Phrasal verbs
  4. Assorted questions
  5. Quiz on adverbs
  6. Learn new words and play some games at wordwise3000
  7. Understanding types of text
  8. Aquarium grammar
  9. Play this game
  10. Play grammar Ninja!
  11. Learning vocabulary
  12. Do the vocabulary builder
  13. English page for grammar
  14. Grammar bytes!
  15. Guide to grammar and writing.
  16. The Academic English Cafe
  17. More exercises.
  18. Fun place! Grammar girl
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    learning more about how to use correct grammar is a great thing. The activities that you show really help….
    great info


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