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I subscribe and read a lot of blogs using Google Reader because it’s important for my learning.

Since starting last year, (I started writing this WordPress site in March 2008), I have discovered a lot of interesting people who write interesting articles on the use of web 2.0 technology. And I know I always will find something interesting and gain new insights. I use Google reader to arrange this for me. I also have rss feeds from my students’ blogs. My students often write their assignments on or Link to my students’ pages are found in the right margin. Some of the pages I read are about web 2.0 technology in general and some are focused on teaching. The list is long and I thank all those who contribute in this field! Last but not least, twitter is also a great place to learn! My twitter is: annmic. For those of you who do not see the relevance of twitter look here! “The news acording to twitter!”

My list:

  1. Adifference
  2. 2cents worth
  3. Will Richardson
  4. Larry Ferlazzo’s websites of the day
  5. Angela Maiers Educational Services
  6. Go2web20blog
  7. Digital Ethnography
  8. Why not end the day with an interesting lecture by Mike Wesch “From Knowledgeable to knowledge-able”
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