Great Britain, The first World War to the Present


  1. To learn about Great Britain‘s role in history from the First World War to the present time

Teaching methods:

  1. Look at this PowerPoint presentation
  2. Make a time line of history from 1914 – 2007 using xtimeline – look at example here!
  3. Look at BBC documentary here:ww1 world war one troops and fighting.
  4. Look at the picture “the mule track” by Nash. Look at letters he wrote in 1914. Explain the writer’s mood.
  5. The independence of India – Mahatma Gandhi.
  6. World War 2 – the battle of Britain The battle of Britain part 1
  7. Churchill’s great speech part 1, part 2, part 3
  8. I also think you should look at this official website of The British Monarchy


  1. Use one of the periods mentioned above and write a commentary on your blog: Use the headline: Great Britain’s important role in world history
  2. Make a glogster of one of the periods
  3. Pictures play a major role in history. Find an artist and explain the pictures in the historical context. (Like Nash)
  4. Poetry plays a major role in history. Find a poet and describe a poem in an historical context. Rubert Brook, The soldier.  (Yeats 1939, Auden) Analysis of poem here.
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