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Opening the world

It is fun to work with teachers and students in other countries. We are currently working with students from Louisiana . The first task was to write about their home towns. The students in Louisiana have now written about the American government and it is time for the Norwegian students to comment on their blogs. If other teachers or students want to see what we have been working on look at the students blogs in the column to the right.  When grading the students blogs I will be using this rubric!


On the Edublogger I found this: “This page has been set up to help you make connections with classes in other countries who are interesting in having Skype conversations with other classes.”

I have contacted Lisa Dick – Grades 10 – 12/ages around 16 – 18 in Minden, Louisiana/USA. We are going to start with our students commenting on each others blog’s. And we will write about our home towns. Skype will be difficult because of the time difference, but it might work! Look forward to working together with a class in Louisiana! This is where their students’ blogs can be found!

Please leave a comment if you want to connect with students from Norway!

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  1. My post is up about our classes collaborating. Most of my students posted their hometown post today. They started commenting to your students today. We are still having smartfilter issues, so it is taking longer than usual because we were typing on an iphone:) Some are posting comments tonight from home.

    The students are signing their posts with their name and blog url. Many don’t have google accounts, and we can’t set one up while at school. Because of how we post comments on your student blogs, (google id) by glance it will look like I sent the comments. But if they look at the bottom of each post it had the authors name and url.

    We look forward to learning more from you and your students!

    Mrs. D

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