Wiring classrooms for Internet access does not enhance learning?

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Seems like we are still having the discussion about the use of technology in the classroom. And we are still discussing if schools would be better off without the internet! To me it is just unbelievable! A discussions has been sparked by this article in Science daily. After reading the article it was good to read these blogs by Clay Burell and Dean Shareski.  Dean is critical and writes: “What this statement suggests is that we’d be better off not having internet access in schools since it’s apparently of no value.” This statement is made when talking about students ability to recall a lecture. The words “recall” and “lecture” tells you all you need to know about the bias towards instructional strategies and teacher driven pedagogy in the study”. “A skilled teacher is what’s required. I just figured we’ve moved past that issue. Apparently not everyone has.”. Let’s change the DNA of the teachers! Let’s use the technology. Found this on Whip Blog.  Greg Whitby’s video where he encourages us to change the fundamental DNA of teaching and learning.

Brings me back to the topic: how do we use the technology in class and to the phrase “Death by PowerPoint”. The use of technology is so much more then making PowerPoint presentations in class. Teachspaceballers need to ask themselves what the students are learning from the lecture given either by the teacher or by fellow students. I suggest you look at these two presentations! This is a great way to use PowerPoint! Larry Lessig ” how creativity is being strangled by the law, and Seth Godin: Sliced bread and other marketing delights.

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