Growing up online

I just read this article; Internet safety and our need to connect with teens by Wesley Fryer. “We shouldn’t assume that all students understand Internet safety and the importance of protecting personal informatih_vboxnew2on (like your phone number) online. While the act of sharing a full name and phone number online may be innocuous, it also may be a cry from someone to connect and communicate.” I think this is an important point and the responsibility of the school. I encourage other educators to watch growing up online. They have a lot of good videos with the subject. Watch them in class and discuss with the students. Have them write about this on their blogs! You can also visit Microsoft’s page “Life online“.

Shows to watch:

  1. Living their lives Essensially online
  2. A revolution in Classrooms and social Life
  3. Self expression, Trying on New Identities
  4. The Child Predator Fear
  5. Growing up online
  6. Cyberbullying
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