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Obama says; “we can stop talking about how great teachers are, and start rewarding them for their greatness”! Great words for all educators. See this inspiering movie on youtube. The Norwegian minister of Education (Bård Vegar Solhjell) has recently launched a campaign for teachers in Norway too.

The new requirements of 21. century learning forces us to focus on education differently. It forces us to help our students learn in new ways. And to show them that there is a whole world for them to connect with.

My students recently listened to Mike Wesch and his “from knowledable to knowled-able”. I asked Mike to write comments on my students bloggs and he did! Thanks to Mike for taking time to do this and by that showing my students how easy it is to connect! Working like this is so interesting both for me and my students!

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  1. Hey Ann!
    Our government posts went up last week, hopefully yal will have time to visit them this week! I have been sending in requests for each of your student blogs to be unblocked and to allow comments. Hopefully this will be done soon!

    Also, they are about to start a blogging challenge that I wasn’t sure if you knew about. It was a great success the first time around. Here is a link to the information:

    You can find out about it on Sue Water’s blog also! Thought you and your students would enjoy:)


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