Meeting with language teachers and leaders in Viken Norway


  1. How to find teachers to collaborate with. See listed below. Remember you can also ask the teachers at neighboring schools.
  2. How to find platforms to use
  3. How to find projects to work on
  4. Examples of cross-curricular projects from different parts of the world.
  5. Let the late Ken Robinson inspire you to join the World’s largest lesson below.

Useful websites:

  1. eTwinning offers a platform for staff (teachers, headteachers, librarians, etc.), working in a school in one of the European countries involved, to communicate, collaborate, develop projects, share and, in short, feel and be part of the most exciting learning community in Europe.
  2. Category: Skype in the Classroom, find projects here.
  3. PenPal Schools connects students from 150 countries.
  4. Global Youth Debates. A unique global collaborative experience for students.
  5. iEarn, learning with the world, not just about it. Join interactive curriculum-based groups where students are creating, researching, sharing opinions, and becoming global citizens.
  6. TIGed, Taking it global helps educators foster deep learning competencies through real-world problem-solving.
  7. Stay Connected, The British Council

How to find platforms to use:

  1. Padlet for Teachers; the best tips, tricks, and ideas for your classroom.
  2. Talkwall, making thinking visible and accessible made by The University of Oslo and the University of Cambridge.
  3. Writing a blog, I have always used blogs with my students. Read more about how and why here.

How to find projects to work on, examples

  1. Try looking at the useful websites above
  2. The Kiva project.
  3. WELCOME TO THE WORLD’S LARGEST LESSON! We promote use of the Sustainable Development Goals in learning so that children can contribute to a better future for all. From citizenship and justice to climate change and the environment, inspire children to make a difference!
  4. Lesson plan climate change.
  5. GLOBAL CHALLENGES – CLIMATE CHANGE, examples of collaboration with India, Israel, Australia and Norway.
  6. Peace one Day, resources and how we worked with the organization. 

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