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Who will you make peace with?

In August we received the following message:

Dear Ann, You recently showed interest in Peace One Day’s Skype in the Classroom project. This is an opportunity for groups of students to Skype with Nic Frances Gilley, our education ambassador, to learn about Jeremy’s journey to establish an annual day of ceasefire and non-violence with a fixed calendar date.

This week our class will be Skyping with Peace One Day and we are looking forward to it. To prepare for the Skype conversation will will be looking into the material provided on their webpage and prepare questions for the interview. After the Skype talk we will be posting the result on our blogs!

Lesson plan

  1. Jeremy Gilley
    picture taken when skyping with our class

    Who is Jeremy Gilley? Write a paragraph about his background.

  2. Watch this 5 minute introduction and write notes, see techniques here.
  3. In pairs compare notes and discuss the video
  4. Watch the documentary below and make 5 questions to Jeremy Gilley
  5. In pairs compare your questions and decide on 2 questions you could ask
  6. After Skype meeting write a post on your blog and answer the famous question: “What did I learn in school today!”
  7. Follow PeaceOneDay on Twitter and make sure to send a link with your new post and include their Twitter handle.
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