Teaching students how to improve their writing with blogs

Why students should write blogs

Here are some excellent reasons why it is a good idea for students to write blogs. I found the article here. I’m not too sure about the last point, but I decided not to leave it out.

Here is how to start:

  1. Decide on a blogging site. WordPress is the one I use. Here is a list of the 9 best ones according to “Launch a blog without spending a dime”
  2. Decide on a name, a lot to be said about the name of your blog. Go for Short and Catchy. …
  3. Decide on a theme, there are many to choose from. Just make sure they are free.
  4. Do you want a map on your blog? Look at the two different ones I have on my blog. Clustrmap is an alternative. Revolvermap is another one
  5. Write your first post, where you introduce yourself to your audience. Nothing personal, just where you are from and a little about your country.
  6. Write your first official post. you can choose one from an earlier assignment in class.
  7. Send me the link of your blog.

1. Blogging Exercises Student Creativity

2. Regular Writing Sharpens the Brain’s Performance

3. Promote Expression of Self

4. Blogging Boosts Confidence

5. Improve Communication Skills

6. Earn Income!




  1. These are some great tips for students looking to create their first blogs! As someone doing the same, I appreciate the detailed list and suggestions on grabbing the attention of readers. In the article you linked, I really liked topic 3 where it explains the benefits of promoting expression of self. Students may feel more comfortable in a blog environment to be more creative and open to the opinions of others when it’s not face-to-face. I believe this will lead directly to the other benefits listed in the same article related to self confidence enhanced literacy. I appreciate you taking the time to share this information!

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