Willing to change

There is a debate in Norway as to whether the changes in teaching are for the better and if we are on the right track. Ingunn Wiig and Jørn Hoel Pettersen after reading the book by Daniel Willinghams Why Don’t Students Like School?.

I just read the article “Willing to be disturbed” by Will Richardson and it makes me reflect over what we do at our school and what we hope to accomplish. I would like to be able to say that our teachers when engaging with the students this semester are systemically moving to a point where inquiry-based, student-centered, socially and globally networked learning becomes just the way they do their business! (quote!) . And I hope to be able to say that we are  fundamentally set out to redefine what we do in the classroom in light of the affordances and opportunities that social technologies create for learning. And that I will be able to say this to Will Richardson when he comes to our school in October! Be inspired by great quotes about learning and change!

It is my opinion that we are not mistaken and that we do not want to find ourselves back in the schools where paper and pencils together with textbooks and the teachers’ say so defined what our student should learn. Okay we still have to (do we?) teach for the test, but there are so many different ways for us to do so.  And let’s continue sharing these ideas on the blogs, facebook and twitter. See you there!

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