What are my 5 most important tips for educators starting out blogging with students?

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Share your tips! A new Edublogger challenge!

  1. Introduce the students to the blogger.com (it is easy for the students to use), and be sure to have your own blog before you ask you students to start!
  2. To start you should be the only one who knows the address to the students’ blogs (it can be scary to know that everyone in the world can read what you write!)
  3. Use rubrics to assess the students’ blogs and be sure to read them regularly. Otherwise they will stop writing! Have an rss feed that tells you when they have new entries!
  4. After a while have links to your students’ blogs on you own blog! They will love that! Here are some of my last year students. Kjølv, Kristian, Magnus.
  5. Introduce you students to students in other countries and have them comment on each others blogs! That is a lot of fun, I know!

Good luck, don’t give up because it is a lot of fun!

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  1. Thanks Anne for entering the Edublogger competition. I totally agree all teachers should blog before they get their students to blog. Unfortunately that often isn’t the case.

  2. You do know it is somewhat impolite to give people free entry to my personal Internet space without having asked first? Just kidding… I hope your students can realize that blogging is what they want it to be.

    It doesn’t have to be boring, they should be playing around with it and doing what they think is fun. However, that’s in addition to all the semi-interesting assignments you give them, which are quite useful. Does the glog-thing work this year, by the way? Last year it kind of failed, and the concept doesn’t seem too useful to me.

    And a lot of the themes we went through last year are coming handy. Especially the parts about political systems and channels of political influence, you might want to focus more on those this year, even if it bores your students half to death.

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