Teaching the power of targeted chilling ads

Sandy Hook parents release chilling ad on gun reform

Sandy Hook Promise released a chilling PSA titled “Back-to-School Essentials” depicting students in the midst of a school shooting. Craig Melvin interviews Mark Barden, whose son Daniel was murdered in the Sandy Hook shooting, about the purpose behind the ad. The night before, Democrats called for gun reform on the Senate floor.

Lesson plan

  1. In groups of two or three, brainstorm ads that have made an impact on you.
  2. Share in your class
  3. Look at the five elements of a successful ad here
  4. Watch the video below and discuss in your group how and if it meets any of these criteria
  5. What made the most impression on you and why?
  6. Watch the video here with the interview on MSNBC
  7. In your group make an ad for an issue that concerns  you.


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