Workshop for language teachers

Agenda for the 25 of February 2020

Networking with teachers in Vestfold

This will be a combination of a PowerPoint presentation and a mini-workshop, meaning teachers should bring their own computers to be able to test the different examples presented. The PowerPoint presentation will be shared here.

Today’s topics

  1. Using blogging as a tool to work on writing skills and as a means to connect.
  2. Padlet as a way to collaborate and get feedback, another alternative is Talkwall
  3. Skype in Education
  4. eTwinning -is the community for schools in Europe.
  5. Preparing your students for future employment, and what to know when you want to study abroad.
  6.  Plagiarism investigation

Lesson plan, how to

  1. Padlet, an example to use in class. 
  2. Twitter, you probably have an account, if not go hereTweetDeck is my choice.
  3. Blog, I use WordPress, start your blog here. Good advice “Starting or reflecting on a blog” Doug Peterson. Enter The Student Blogging Challenge. How to introduce this in class. 
  4. Visualize where your visitors are from with Clustrmaps or Revolvermap
  5. Want to find schools to work with – try Quadblogging
  6. Make a presentation here MySimpleShow
  7. Hashtags to follow; #teacher  flippedclassroom,  #SkypeClassroom#mysteryskype

Examples of projects for your students

  1. How to spot fake news. Have your students comment on the Padlet and on the students’ blogs.
  2. Global challenges – climate change. Sharing their opinion on global warming and the climate. Have your students comment on the Padlet and on the students’ blogs
  3. Join the Kiva project and discuss challenges with starting up businesses in different parts of the world

More examples of use in the classroom

  1. Be more dog Why change?
  2. BBC Click School report
  3. BBC News
  4. Skype in the classroom
  5. Peace one day at Sandvika high school
  6. Scottish referendum Google hangout conversation, start watching at 9:46
  7. Indigenous people Australia.
  8. Want to sign up to Skype with another school?
  9. Twitter –  sign up, my name: annmic, Tweetdeck
  10. Feedly
  11. Quadblogging
  12. Kahoot
  13. How technology is helping me learn, join the survey!
  14. Use of competency goals

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  1. Another excellent place for students to go beyond the classroom and interact with students around the world is The Learning Network of the New York Times.

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