The Student Blogging Challenge

How to register for the student blogging challenge

I was just reminded about this challenge and I really want my students to participate here. Therefore I am enclosing the information on how to register. Hope many students in Norway participate here. It is great fun and the element of competition always adds to the commitment to the blogs our students are writing. This year my year-one student have written great post already, and the layout they have chosen looks great.

The 21st Student Blogging Challenge beings on October 7, 2018. Registrations are now open!

2) Register As An Individual Student Blogger

Students with their own blogs can take part by publishing a post each week in response to the prompts on the Student Blogging Challenge blog. They can also comment on other students’ posts.

Who should register?

Students should register who:

  • Have their own personal blog (any platform)
  • Want to connect with other students around the world
  • Have permission to take part from their teacher/parents
  • Are aged between around 8-16
  • Are located anywhere in the world

Note: Please register only once.


  1. Dear Ms. Michaelsen:
    I left a comment on one of your student’s blogs on October 10th, and my comment is still waiting for moderation.
    May Wohlafka
    Mentor, October 2018 Student Blogging Challenge

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