Teaching current events in politics

Goals for the day

Learn about current affairs in the UK and the USA.  Decide on what are the most interesting topics to share with your readers. Peer review to ensure high-quality work. Reflect on the process and on working in teams of 4.


You are journalists for an international online newspaper. You work in teams of 4 to help each other produce the best, and most accurate news for your readers.

Lesson plan

  1. Work in groups 4..
  2. In your group look at these websites and chose at least 2 different topics you want to explore and write about. Five things and Ten Things, be sure to use both sources. Each group should produce at least 1  story from both regions.
  3. Work two and two on each article, when posting on your blog remember to write the name of the journalists, the sources you used. Any citations should be highlighted for your readers to see,


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