Listening to music online!

I love listening to radio stations from places I have visited. And I have a long list of favorite stations. Since I listen to the radio a lot I end up using my iPod, iPhone, iPad or my computer depending on where I am. It used to be time consuming finding the stations I want to listen to, but now I have found a place where I can easily store a list of my favorite stations and listen to them wherever I am! On my Ipod, IPhone or iPad it is TuneIn Radio. Download it on your iPhone and register an account. Start saving your favorite stations to a preset playlist. Log on to the same account whenever you want to listen. On your computer log on to radiotime and the list is there.

Application for class:

  1. It is easy to browse stations by location and enre. Great for use in language class. Find an online radio channel from any country and listen to news and music!
  2. After listening have the class make their own radio show with news, banter, songs and commercials. See here for useful applications for broadcasting


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