#SETTdagene – Delivering on the Promise the Education Revolution – Where is education headed in the future?

Keynote speaker – Richard DeLorenzo

This year’s SETT conference was the 4th one in Norway. SETT is Scandinavian Educational Technology Transformation Exhibition and Conference originally a Swedish conference.

Today I was fortunate to introduce the keynote speaker Richard DeLorenzo, and facilitate the workshop that followed.

The key points of the keynote were these;

This presentation will address why and how we need to transform our schools by moving away from a time-based system and move into a digital personal-mastery system where students navigate their own learning into adulthood. Here are the key questions:
– Understanding why and how to change a system to prepare students for their future
– How does this differ from a traditional system?
– What does a day in the classroom look like?
– What are the first steps and how do you replicate and scale this vision?

Many people were eager to know more about his work and some wanted to try this in their schools. I have shared the PowerPoint presentations for both the Keynote and the workshop that followed here.

If you are interested in his work or want to do this in your school, please reach out to me here. I would love to hear from you. Send me an email or comment on this Leadership Training Oslo Final 20191000 Richard Oslo Presentation Final 2019

Richard DeLorenzo did a keynote at my school almost 10 years ago. If you are interested in watching him again (or you missed this year’s conference), you can watch the video from that conference here.

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