Global Education Conference #globaled15

Creating a global classroom

Creating a Truly Global Classroom
Screen Shot 2015-11-19 at 11.33.57 AMHow can you connect your classroom to the rest of the world in seven easy steps? Take advantage of the 1:1 environment and engage students in real-life authentic activities. I will share practical examples and show how a class in Norway got worldwide recognition writing a book for teachers. How do we prepare the students for the skills they will be needing in their professional life? Why is the use the internet not allowed on exams. We will look at some examples of how this is done in Norway and how this might be the future of education.

Here are the links from my presentation.

  1. Be more dog
  2. Connected Learners ,
  3. BBC Click School report
  4. BBC News
  5. Skype in the classroom
  6. Peace one day at Sandvika high school
  7. Scottish referendum Google hangout conversation, start watching at 9:46
  8. Indigenous people Australia.
  9. Want to sign up to Skype with another school?
  10. Twitter –  sign up, my name: annmic, Tweetdeck
  11. Feedly
  12. Quadblogging
  13. Kahoot
  14. How technology is helping me learn, join the survey!



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