Creating a global classroom #Miamidevice

bbc 2eng5Two-hour workshop

I am Miami bound and here is the outline of my workshop to be held on Thursday, November 12 • 9:45am – 11:45am.

Topics that will be covered

  1. How can you connect your classroom to the rest of the world?
  2. Take advantage of the 1:1 environment and engage students in real-life authentic activities.
  3. Practical examples and coverage from different parts of the world, Connected Learners, “students writing a book for teachers“.
  4. How do we prepare the students for the skills they will be needing in their professional life?
  5. Block scheduling,  leaves time for concentration on specific topics and collaboration within and outside the classroom.
  6. Using the internet on exams. We will look at some examples of how this is done in Norway and how this might be the future of education.

Plan for the day

  1. Presentation – you can download it here
  2. Introducing the tools, Skype, Twitter and blog
  3. Exploring and using
  4. Further collaboration
  5. Questions and concerns, share it here. 

Websites to visit

  1. IMG_1579
    Skyping with students in Australia

    Skype in the classroom, you have to log on to use this.

  2. Twitter, you probably have an account, if not go here. TweetDeck is my choice.
  3. Blog, I use WordPress, start your blog here.
  4. Visualize where your visitors are from with Clustrmaps or Revolvermap
  5. Want to find schools to work with – try Quadblogging
  6. Hashtags to follow; #Edumatch, flippedclassroom, #growthmindset, #SkypeClassroom#mysteryskype
  7. Share your learning here, Storify



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