Miami Device November 2016

What I want to share from Miami this year! #miamidevice

Picture taken on early morning jog

I’m not going to pretend that the nice warm weather was not a major reason for me wanting to attend this conference, but the great speaker line-up was amazing.

I have been reading through blogs and Twitter feeds and here is what I want to share, I might come back and add more for now. If you need to be inspired look at Angela’s video first!

  1. Angela Maiers and You Matter, Liberating Genius in the Classroom,  I will definitely look more into this with my class. Four years ago, we imagined a classroom where passion-driven work was the norm; one in which students were invited and expected to experiment with ideas, discover possibilities and make epic things happen. This dream is now a reality. When we create a time and space for our students to strive audaciously and connect and collaborate with others, their genius is liberated, and learning, lives and worlds change. Presentation here.
  2. George Couros Keynote. Click on this Twitter search for more info and picture of slides.  He had the audience dance, laugh and cry. Standing ovation at the end. Mentioning my book and the work we do at our school made my day! Read his reflections from the conference here.


A Learning Event, Tony Sinanis

Creative classroom assessment toolkit by John Spencer 

Sharing learning from Miami Device Wesley Fryer

Integrating Design & Technology Into Conventional Curriculum




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