Changing how I work – using my new iPad!

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This was the summer I attended ISTE 2010 in Denver and if you are planning to attend only on conference next year I strongly recommend ISTE 2011 in Philadelphia June 2011. I’m not sure how many teacher were there, but it i a lot bigger then BETT in London. This summer I was planning to see if the iPad was worth pursuing. The answer is simple;  it is. It was so much fun to see how many teachers used their iPads at the conference. After 3 hours my laptop was out of battery but those guys were just typing away!

I read Chris Lehmann’s blogpost  “new work flow with tech” and it was just like reading about how I have changed my work. I no longer take my laptop home. Used to take it home every evening and the laptop is both heavy and takes space, see picture!  Now I have my iPad with me and I use DropBox to save all my documents. I bought DocToGo on my Iphone and Ipad and can easily read and edit my Word, Excel and PowerPoint files. All my mail and my calendar is synced with Outlook and I have Facebook and Twitter in Fipboard (really recommend that app). I even bought a bluetooth keyboard and it works great. Still don’t have the international keyboard setting on the iPad but hopefully it will come to Norway soon! Did I mention that I have a whole season of my favorite tv-series + the new Anne Tyler book (Amazon kindle), Scrabble and all my albums and Spotify on my iPad!


  1. Great article & so glad to see students using technology to learn! Have you tried SoundNote? Now you can take handwritten or typed notes while recording your lectures! Refresh your memory… tap anywhere in your notes & the audio from that exact time in the lecture will replay! Isn’t technology GREAT?

  2. Hi Ann Michaelsen,
    We’ve got iPods as well. We might be getting iPads next year and we also have a Mac. We can use them to twit on our twitter page and we use them to study. We also use them to present work. We really enjoy using them.
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    From Alex and Tina

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