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Changing how I work – using my new iPad!

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This was the summer I attended ISTE 2010 in Denver and if you are planning to attend only on conference next year I strongly recommend ISTE 2011 in Philadelphia June 2011. I’m not sure how many teacher were there, but it i a lot bigger then BETT in London. This summer I was planning to see if the iPad was worth pursuing. The answer is simple;  it is. It was so much fun to see how many teachers used their iPads at the conference. After 3 hours my laptop was out of battery but those guys were just typing away!

I read Chris Lehmann’s blogpost  “new work flow with tech” and it was just like reading about how I have changed my work. I no longer take my laptop home. Used to take it home every evening and the laptop is both heavy and takes space, see picture!  Now I have my iPad with me and I use DropBox to save all my documents. I bought DocToGo on my Iphone and Ipad and can easily read and edit my Word, Excel and PowerPoint files. All my mail and my calendar is synced with Outlook and I have Facebook and Twitter in Fipboard (really recommend that app). I even bought a bluetooth keyboard and it works great. Still don’t have the international keyboard setting on the iPad but hopefully it will come to Norway soon! Did I mention that I have a whole season of my favorite tv-series + the new Anne Tyler book (Amazon kindle), Scrabble and all my albums and Spotify on my iPad!

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