Living faster, digital natives

Food for thought

Take a look at these videos on how the digital revolution is changing our lives.  At home and in schools. Many teachers are not willing to embrace new technology and prefer the textbooks. But do we really have a choice? Isn’t it better to find ways to use technology for learning instead of restricting it? Some counties in Norway want to ban Facebook  in schools. Listen here to what the students have to say about that. Some schools, like ours have pages on Facebook instead. A good way to share information. When using Web 2.0 in class you can have the students write on their own blogs. Students can write about topics discussed in class. It is a great way to find out if they are paying attention or not. I don’t believe that writing school essays on paper is better then writing blog entries. That is just not true!

Old school new school
How Google saved a school
Gaming in school

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