Changing Britain’s “first past the post” voting system.


Investigating and learning more about the British electoral system

The first past the post system is often called unfair. Is it because it makes it very difficult for medium-sized or small parties to get any of their candidates elected as MPs if the support for these parties is spread evenly throughout the UK?

Student activites:

  1. Read these articles on how Gordon Brown is planning to change this system.
  2. Write a commentary on your blog explaining the changes and why you think they may /may not happen.
  3. List the views of: The Labour party
  4. The Conservatives
  5. The Liberal Democrats
  6. What is a referendum?

One comment

  1. Interesting tasks that you put up for your students! However, the tasks that you put up; are your students requested to post them all on their blogs or are the tasks more or less voluntarily? Do you put up a deadline for the assignments? (Maybe you just do that orally in class?)

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