Charles Nesbitt Wilson died last week

Who was  Charles Nesbitt Wilson?


Understand what is meant by: “Charles Wilson’s efforts and exploits helped repel an invader, liberate a people, and bring the Cold War to a close”.

Student research activities:

  1. Norwegian students read this article in Aftenposten
  2. After raising money for weapons Charles Wilson wanted more money to rebuild the infrastructure, read about it here
  3. Charlie Wilson’s war would be harder to fight today – why?
  4. Read more about him here.
  5. Watch interview with Tom Hanks here.
  6. Watch “the real story about Charlie Wilson
  7. Watch this clip from the History Channel.

Student writing activities:

  1. After reading about Charles Wilson write a comment on your blog and answer the following questions: What was special about what Charles Wilson did, why did it make a difference in Afghanistan and what could have been done differently?
  2. After watching the movie answer the following questions: how did the movie portray Charles Wilson? Did you understand more about the conflict after watching the movie? Write a short review about the movie and state your personal opinions on both subject and movie.
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