Presenting at ICT teacher conference

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On February 3rd. I was fortunate to be able to both attend and participate at a large ICT conference for teachers in Kongsberg Norway. I think almost 400 teachers and school leaders were there. I enjoyed being able to talk on two separate sessions about some of the cool stuff we do in my class! And I got to show my students’ blogs and say how proud I am of what they do! It is such a privilege to be able to spend time with students who are eager to learn, collaborate and investigate. And to share this with enthusiastic teachers who also are eager to learn more about how the web 2.0 tools can be used in the classroom.

Here are some of the things I talked about:

  1. OneNote
  2. Photostory klick here for tutorial slow version
  3. Glogster
  4. Del-is-ious
  5. Wordle
  6. Powerpoint 2010
  7. And my favorite of course: blogs!
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  1. Hi Ann! It was really interesting to listen to your session today, so I started right away to put up my own student blog! I even copied your lay-out and some of your links… Knowing that you will not mind :).

  2. Hi Ann! I have to agree with janstoks, and say that it was very interesting to listen to your session at KK10. I too have started with student blogs. Your session was very inspiring and I am already working with Photostory.

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