Going green – global challenges

Have you ever considered going “zero waste”?

Is it even possible? Here are some examples of that. Watch the videos below and write an article where you either encourage going zero waste or are strongly against it. Perhaps there even is a middle way here? Look at the suggestions on this web page and see if there are any alternatives here that appeal to you. If so why? Do you think there is a difference in the behavior amongst young people in different countries? Do you know any you could ask? If you prefer to make a podcast on the topic instead of writing that is an alternative too. If you prefer to answer questions instead of writing an article you can answer the questions below. Thanks to Amalia Ardelean for the ideas. 


  1. Listen to Lauren Singer talk about why she lives a zero waste life. Answer the following questions while you are listening to her: 
    1. How much trash has she produced in the past three years? 
    2. What kind of questions does she get from people when she tells them about this? 
    3. What kind of lifestyle does she live?
    4. What does living zero waste mean to her? 
    5. Lauren Singer is talking about a fellow student. Why does she mention this student? 
    6. What did Lauren notice in her fridge one day, and what did she decide that very moment? 
    7. What was the only way for her to move away from plastic? 
    8. Which blog does she mention in her speech? Who wrote that blog? 
    9. Lauren is using the word sustainability several times. Find out what sustainability means in Norwegian. 
    10. What did Lauren do in order to make the transition to zero waste life easier? 
    11. What are the benefits of having this type of lifestyle? 
    12. How many pounds of trash does the average American person produce? Pounds to kilograms conversion here. 
    13. What 3 simple steps does she mention to those who want to reduce their trash? 
    14. What does Lauren want to be remembered for? 


  1. Read 8 things you should know before going zero waste. What kind of advice do you get from Kathrin Kellogg? Write them down in your own words. 
  2. Is zero waste the right choice for you? Make a list of pros and cons of going zero waste, based on what you have learned today and information you find online.

If you still have some time left: AdvancedQuizlet about food waste terms. 

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