Collaborating and learning

Teaching methods:

The whole class collaborating and working together as a group. The students reflections can be found on links below.


  1. Learning the material, find topics here
  2. Sharing the material with the whole class
  3. Preparing for test

Divide class into the following groups:

  1. Front desk, responsibilities: divide material, prioritize, approve material, give time limits, talk to all groups
  2. Research group, find material, and send to front desk, journalists, teachers and designers
  3. Journalists, write blogs, and send to front desk, teachers, designers
  4. Teachers, make rubrics with criteria for testing, write test questions
  5. Designers, make Glogs with material

All the students have to write about the process on student blogs.

Time limit: end product to be finished before deadline set by Front desk group. Remember to rate this day. You will find the Poll on a separate page.

Time frame:

Ideal is a whole day best for schools with block Scheduling

Teacher instructions:

  1. Gather the students when starting to assign roles, discuss strategies and so on
  2. Have each group assign a leader and have meetings with leaders 2 or 3 times to ensure that they are on task
  3. Evaluate and discuss with whole class in the end
Reblog this post [with Zemanta]Result:

  1. This is the material the journalists wrote
  2. These are the test questions


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