Teaching American history

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  1. To gain knowledge about American history from the civil war to the present.

Places to visit:

  1. HippoCampus browse the different sections
  2. Teaching the civil war with technology also look at wiki!
  3. Go to PBS and find videos and articles. Like this one
  4. about the Cuba crisis.
  5. This is another good place for historical videos! Howstuffworks?
  6. History.com has a lot of good history videos.

Teaching methods:

  1. Let the students on their own look at this simple multiple-choice test of basic history knowledge. (remember to erase the answers!)
  2. Then let them work in pairs with the computer. How long does it take to find all the answers?
  3. Watch the movie and do the quiz!
  4. Play this game and see how much money you win!

Note: These activities have been found at Larry Ferlazzo’s website. You can find a lot more there! Thanks Larry!

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