Teaching Us politics

Objectives: To learn more about the American system of government

Websites to visit:

  1. Electing a president in plain English
  2. What is a caucus?
  3. The president explains the Health Care Plan
  4. Concerns about the Health Reform


  1. Us system of government
  2. The 2 principles of American government

Answer these questions:

  1. What is the Electoral College In U.S. Elections?
  2. What is an inauguration? Mentions some points Obama had in his inauguration speech
  3. What does “democracy is the right to dissent mean?
  4. A swing state, what is it?
  5. What is a caucus and how do they pick a candidate for the president election?
  6. What is government 2.0?
  7. What are the main concerns about the new Health Reform?
  8. Write an entry on your blog where you explain the Health reform use the material above


  1. This looks like a very good way to teach this theme. It would be nice if your students could publish the tasks on their blogs – I have forgotten some of the answers.

    I also hope that there’s less focus on the inauguration this year, in my opinion it’s not very relevant (or interesting, for that matter).

    Personally, I’d like more focus on the electoral system – the different elections use different systems. This is rarely covered, but could probably be used in exams. Your students could impress a lot on the oral exam with this, especially if they are able to discuss its advantages and disadvantages and link it to the political system in general.

    The “swing state”-aspect is also very interesting, and seems very prominent characteristic in the US system. Electorate behaviour in the US seems paradoxical, and I think party identification is a larger factor there, rather than rational choice. You could show this picture:

    Happy New Years, by the way!

    1. Thank you for that comment Magnus, it is a good one. I agree on your point about the inauguration. The importance of the speech made at the inauguration are the promises made by the new president that show the direction of the presidency, I would imagine. Thank you for the link to the photo. Very useful. And happy New Year to you too!

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