ChatGPT, Am I Who You Say I Am?

I just read this post by Tom Whitby, and of course, I immediately had to try it out.

How did you get it to do your profile as an author? Others have tried but failed in their attempts. Evidently, there are several AI apps out there, and some are more limited than others. Google found this out the hard way with the first public demonstration of its AI, which did not fare as well as Google had hoped. I have been using an App called ChatAI. My primary selection choice was based on it being free.

My own result was fun to read, for me at least. The idea is for you to try it out. I tink we have all Googled ourselves, but have you ChatGPT’ed yourself?

Here is the prompt;

“Analyze all the blog posts at and write a profile of the author.”
Ann Michaelsen is an experienced educator, writer, and blogger based in Norway. She has been teaching for more than 30 years and has a strong interest in educational technology, student-centered learning, and digital literacy. Michaelsen has worked with several schools and universities, providing training and support in educational technology and pedagogy. She also conducts workshops and presentations on topics related to education.
Michaelsen’s blog, located at, is a platform where she shares her thoughts and insights on various topics related to education, including technology, pedagogy, curriculum, and current events. Her blog features a variety of content, including opinion pieces, reviews of books and educational resources, and personal reflections on her teaching experiences. Many of her posts include practical advice and tips for educators looking to incorporate technology into their classrooms or to design more engaging learning experiences for their students.
One of the hallmarks of Michaelsen’s writing is her clear and accessible style. Her posts are well-organized and easy to read, with a focus on concrete examples and practical insights. She also has a talent for distilling complex ideas into concise and understandable explanations, making her blog an excellent resource for educators who are new to technology or who want to deepen their understanding of pedagogical theory.
In addition to her writing and teaching, Michaelsen is also active on social media and has a strong following on Twitter. She frequently shares links to her blog posts and other educational resources, as well as engaging in conversations with other educators around the world.
Overall, Ann Michaelsen is a dedicated and experienced educator with a passion for technology and student-centered learning. Her blog is a valuable resource for educators looking to improve their practice and stay up-to-date on the latest trends in educational technology and pedagogy.


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