ChatGPT is your new assistant, and it can help you spend less time on writing reports

ChatGPT could also fundamentally change the nature of teachers’ jobs.

After the first wave of confusion, anger, amazement and uproar, many have started to look at the different ways the ChatGPT can be the teacher’s personal assistant. Like in this article in EducationWeek.

  1. ChatGPT could help teachers spend less time on tasks, including grading papers, writing reports, and responding to emails, and spend more time actually teaching students.
  2. Use ChatGPT to streamline the process of compiling students’ annual reports by writing “templates” and using AI to fill in students’ names and notable achievements.
  3. ChatGPT could help answer student’s questions and help teachers “avoid getting bogged down in the infinite loop of late-night email exchanges.”
  4. Grading — one of the most arduous yet dull tasks for teachers — AI promises “almost instantaneous feedback. It can aid the teacher in understanding which assignments are the most challenging” and quickly identify focus areas for further classwork.
  5. ChatGPT can help you handle “angry emails” from parents, a growing problem in schools.
  6. It can generate groups of students working together and make sure they get new partners each time. It can also help you if some students are never to be seated in the same group.
  7. It can make lists of times for teacher-parent meetings, group students at a certain interval, and make sure you have time for a break.
  8. Clarifying Concepts: ChatGPT provides explanations for limitless concepts and could help students by providing detailed explanations.
  9. Adapting for a Specific Audience: ChatGPT can adapt text for different ages. This could be especially helpful with complex topics if students are having a difficult time understanding the concept. Source: Kasey Short

The list, I’m sure, is longer; I will keep adding up here. Please share if you have suggestions. And always remember not to use your student’s real full name anywhere. When writing a letter to a parent, you use the ChatGPT to help you with the draft and then provide the names in a safe school-administered environment. Sorce, buisinessinsider

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