Seasonal text to work on in class

Here are eleven engaging texts about winter weather and holiday celebrations!

The holiday season has just begun, and these last few weeks leading up to break can just fly by! We want to make the transition to break just a little bit easier with a collection of texts sure to make your classrooms merry and bright!

Celebrate the season with these eleven multi-genre texts for middle school and high school about winter, the holidays, family, and goodwill to others!

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Some examples here

The change of the seasons can impact people differently. In this poem by Emily Dickinson, the speaker is profoundly affected by the changing light in the winter months. Have students read the poem and analyze its meaning. Ask students to discuss the meaning of the “imperial affliction” and what winter means to them.

“Back in my day, we had to walk to school uphill through six feet of snow!” is a common refrain from older family members everywhere once winter arrives. In Twain’s semi-autobiographical account of his dogged toil through the snow, students will read a similar story. As students read, ask them to think about how each character responds to the problem they find themselves facing. Then, have students discuss if they have ever felt as lost as the speaker and his companions.

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