New ways to learn English pronunciation

How to improve your English with YouGlish

I’m sure you know how to use different methods to hear how a word is pronounced in English. There are a lot of web tools and apps for that. You can also use Google Dictionary. When you write in a word following the word define, you will get an icon for Listening.

And if you are writing using Microsoft you can increase reading speed and comprehension for all learners, support students with learning differences like Dyslexia with text decoding solutions, and help emerging readers build confidence with Immersive Reader. Read more about it here.

YouGlish has a different approach. Just type in the word you want pronounced and hit say it. YouGlish returns videos where the word is spoken in real communicative situations. I think this could prove very useful for many students. Above you can see your choices. Why not explore Irish or Scottish? It is a good way to hear how they pronounce a specific word in different English-speaking countries. You also get the text below. Give a go now, just type in a word below.


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