Teaching students how to learn

Learn to learn: a video series teaching pupils how to learn

 Barbara Oakley, the author of “Learning how to Learn”  was a visitor at our school last fall, and I wrote about her work and her visit here and here. Actually the first post she shared in her weekly newsletter, something I really appreciated.

At our school, we are working on helping our students become better learners. Many young people struggle trying to juggle school work, work outside school, friends and athletic activities. Barbara Oakley has made a 15 part course for students to help them organize their school work and be more effective in the way they study. I highly recommend this for every student and I have shared the video from the third part here. Below I have listed the 15 parts. I bet that if you invest time on this, you will be rewarded with better results. I know for a fact that research shows that students who do homework on a regular basis are more likely to succeed in school and further studies. Establishing healthy work habits pay off in the long run. Why not try? And if you are a teacher reading this, please share this with your students.


  1. Learn how to learn: why we need study breaks 

  2. Learn how to learn: beating procrastination

  3. Learn how to learn: how to get pupils to practise 

  4. Learn how to learn: what pupils need to know about the learning brain 

  5. Learn to learn: why sleep is crucial for learning 

  6. Learn to learn: how to reuse old learning to speed up new learning

  7. Learn to learn: the power of recall 

  8. Learn to learn: why you should know about the attentional octopus 

  9. Learn to learn: creating a memory palace 

  10. Learn to learn: making links is the key to lasting knowledge 

  11. Learn to learn: avoiding mental overload 

  12. Learn to learn: why exercise helps with learning 

  13. Learn to learn: slower learning can be better learning

  14. Learn to learn: tips for the test

  15. Learn to learn: three habits of successful learners 

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