Reflection is critical in the learning process.

The importance of reflection

Making reflections part of a course grade encourages students to engage in the reflective process, helps them track their growth and development over time, and signals to them that critical reflection is a worthwhile and valued activity.

Reflective thinking, on the other hand, is a part of the critical thinking process referring specifically to the processes of analyzing and making judgments about what has happened. Dewey (1933) suggests that reflective thinking is an active, persistent, and careful consideration of a belief or supposed form of knowledge, of the grounds that support that knowledge, and the further conclusions to which that knowledge leads. Learners are aware of and control their learning by actively participating in reflective thinking – assessing what they know, what they need to know, and how they bridge that gap – during learning situations. Source

I just read 10 Ways To Honor Mistakes In The Learning Process, and I would like to share the 10 metacognitive prompts here. I think it would be worthwhile to look at this now since most of our students are preparing for exams and final assessments. How about closing up the day with these questions? Since we have all day subjects at my school it makes sense to take time to discuss this. If you arrange your students in groups of 4 you should get some interesting conversations and hopefully, a lot of learning will take place.

10 Metacognitive Prompts To Help Students Reflect On Their Learning

1. Do I see patterns in what I did?
2. Were the strategies & skills I used effective for this assignment?
3. How did my mindset affect how I approached my work?
4. Did I do an effective job of communicating my learning to others?
5. What have I learned about my strengths and my areas in need of improvement?
6. How am I progressing as a learner?
7. What can/should I do next?
8. How can I best use my strengths to learn?
9. What steps should I take or resources should I use to meet my challenges?
10. How can my learning environment be improved?

Source: 10 Metacognitive Prompts To Help Students Reflect On Their Learning –

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