Competency aims:

  • Locate, elaborate on and discuss international educational options and employment option
  • use digital tools in an independent, critical and creative manner in the gathering of information, and in the communication and presentation of his or her own material
  • Present material from course oral and written or by using multimedia

Lesson plan:

  1. study-abroadWatch the video on BBC below,  about how to write a cv and read this text.
  2. Write the CV and consider this: certainly you can list job duties that you’ve had in previous jobs, but you also want to think outside the box in terms of accomplishments as well. Did you solve a particular problem? Did you win an award? Were you on a particular teacher’s list or things like that? Write one cv using Word and one on the net: use Visual CV
  3. In pairs look up places to study abroad here:
  4. Find one volunteer program and one school program in two continents
  5. Write down and explain your choices on your blog, include the link to your cv
  6. Read this text, 5 ways to fix a bad study abroad experience. How can you avoid this? Adress this in your blog.
  7. Apply for a job for next year: BUNAC, X- plore (Norwegian),
  8. What will happen to students in the UK after Brexit?
  9. Norway urges students to avoid the UK universities after Brexit.m The Guardian.

Reading material:


  1. How to write applications, see Oxford dictionary for “writing application“, “cv
  2. A job application should be short, straightforward and polite. The vocabulary should also be formal and sophisticated. Look here for layout

Thanks to Richard Byrne for pointing me in the direction of CNN student news and also reminding me about teaching digital footprints and how to create an online CV. VisualCV is the first website that allows you to create an Internet-based, media-rich resume, build and manage an online career portfolio, and securely share professional qualifications with your customers, partners, employers, and colleagues.

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