Sir Ken Robinson’s Next Act: You Are the System and You Can Change Education

I recently read this article in Edsurge and decided to include it here. I’m semi involved in a project where one of his book is being translated to Norwegian. I truly hope many educators, school administrators and policy makers read this book. Too many articles complaining about students failing these days. Too many articles about how we are failing our students and how the academic level is too low.  Not enough on what to do. Here is an example of what parents can do

Sir Ken Robinson’s views on creativity are abundantly well documented. In his 2006 TED Talk—still the most-watched of all time—he claimed that “we are educating people out of their creative capacities” and charged the current education system with being too rigid in adhering to traditional academic subjects. Kids, he argued, need time to dance, draw, create and find what they’re good at.

But he hasn’t given up on schools or education—far from it, in fact. For his follow-up act, Robinson is releasing a new book for parents on how to raise capable children who thrive in school. Make no mistake, though, he’s still shaking up the system (and redefining what that actually means).

Sir Ken: I wrote a book a few years ago called “Creative Schools,” which was directed primarily to educators, and there was a chapter in there for parents. So it seemed reasonable to try and offer some thoughts and guidance in a more extensive way to parents because they are a vital part of the partnership.

And that’s the point really. It is an attempt to engage parents more positively in the conversation. They do, after all, have an enormous vested interest in how their kids are educated, and they bear a lot of the brunt of the shifts in policy that seem to come along on an almost monthly basis in education.

Read the whole article here.

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