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TCEA 2017, Austin Texas

My students giving a presentation for the Crown Prince of Norway,

Engage in conversations across the world.
reating a global classroom – Workshop 90 minutes, agenda

Topics that will be covered

  1. tcea missionHow can you connect your classroom to the rest of the world?

Plan for the day

  1. Introducing the tools, Skype, Twitter and blog
  2. Choose one of these that you want to try
  3. Further collaboration, comment on this post if you want to connect with another teacher at the workshop.

Websites to visit

  1. Skype in the classroom, you have to log on to use this.
  2. Twitter, you probably have an account, if not go here. TweetDeck is my choice.
  3. Blog, I use WordPress, start your blog here. Good advice “Starting or reflecting on a blog” Doug Peterson
  4. Visualize where your visitors are from with Clustrmaps or Revolvermap
  5. Want to find schools to work with – try Quadblogging
  6. Make a presentation here MySimpleShow
  7. Hashtags to follow; #TCEA2017, flippedclassroom,  #SkypeClassroom#mysteryskype

Examples of projects for your students

  1. The Norwegian national radio interviewing the students about fake news.

    The Norwegian national radio interviewing the students about fake news.

    How to spot fake news. Have your students comment on the Padlet and on the students’ blogs.

  2. Global challenges – climate change. Sharing their opinion on global warming and the climate. Have your students comment on the Padlet and on the students’ blogs
  3. Join the Kiva project and discuss challenges with starting up business in different parts of the world
  4. Letter to the Minister of Education. Compare the thoughts from the Norwegian students with how you think the schools should look like today.


Questions and concerns here 





About Ann S. Michaelsen (542 Articles)
Teacher working in a new high school in Norway. Using web 2.0 to engange the students and connect wiht others using blogs. All my students write their own blogs too

4 Comments on TCEA 2017, Austin Texas

  1. Inspirerende å høre elevene dine og deg fortelle om hvordan dere bruker ulike verktøy på en så enkel og hensiktsmessig måte.

  2. Kjell Kranzberg // December 11, 2016 at 1:14 pm // Reply

    Tack för en mycket inspirerande workshop under SETT-dagene!
    Kjell Kranzberg
    Platengymnasiet (videregående skole) Motala, Sverige

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