PressReader and PenPal


pressreader1This week I want to share two useful webpages. The first one being PressReader. Our county Akershus has provided PressReader to all their teachers and students. All you need to do is to download the app at school. When you log on the website during school you automatically have access to publications from every country in the world. (I think!) From the website: PressReader delivers an endless stream of top news stories to read, discuss and share. Get full issues of thousands of top  newspapers and magazines just as they appear in print. Log in here: Even if you do not have an account through your school you are still able to buy a newspaper here. I discovered when I was in a hotel in London last week that the hotel had a service for their guest. You can read your morning newspaper on your tablet.

Lesson plan

  1. In groups of 4 choose one of these countries: USA,  UK, Ireland, South Africa, Australia
  2. Read 3 newspapers from your country
  3. Decide on a controversial story all 3 newspapers cover
  4. Write an article on your blog where you discuss the differences in how they have covered this news
  5. Choose a topic that is up for debate, two on each side. Prepare the discussion with research and take notes
  6. Tape your debate and decide on a winner, who and why? Use this rubric to grade your performance.

PenPal schools

PenPalGo to this website. From the website: Teachers sign up a class or learners can sign up on their own. We match everyone with their own PenPal for a 6-Week exchange. Students log in to our website or mobile app each week to complete standards-aligned assignments focused on language, culture, and current events. Students share what they’ve written with their PenPals, who respond with their own ideas and perspectives. You can choose between these topics. World Explorer, World News, Walking to Freedom and Decision 2016.

Lesson plan

  1. With your teacher explore the different topics and decide on one that suits you and your class
  2. Participate in the course and write a blog post where you reflect on your learning. At the end of the course write if you would recommend this to other students.
  3. Discuss in class what you learned from this course and how it benefited you in your English learning.

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